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cause i'm so sexy

Hey! My name is Jules. I'm a freak for the clarinet and enjoy playing tennis. I don't come onto Piczo often, so you can drop me a line at myspace.com/farfromtheedge

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At The Moment

-- 3/7/08
-- 9:53 pm
-- At Home
-- Tired
-- Dark
-- Cold and stuff
-- Chicken noddle soup
-- orange juice
-- I'm doing this
-- A homo sapien
-- Happy now, Megan?
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Hey, everyone! (aka no one)

At the insistance of my friend, I am now coming back onto PIczo, but only as a friends-to-friends site. I am no longer doing all this layout/picture/code thing I was attempting to do over the summer. I'm almost in high school, and I can't get through all AP classes and still compete with the sites that have developed over the past few years. I may (MAY) make some, but only for the benifit of myself, my friends, and my freewebs site that i am working on. Basicly, I'm deleting most of the pages on here. More info later.

-- Jules

¡Buenos días ! ¿Qué tal?

I've been off for a while; Sorry! If you wish to contact me, please go to myspace.com/farfromtheedge and message me. I go on myspace daily.

-- Jules

¡Buenos Dias!

Hey. I haven't been on lately due to school. How i DESPISE 8th grade. They give us too much homework.

I'll get on as often as possible, but nothing i certain. I'm still working on my Freewebs site, which will trump all of my other sites that I have (I think we're up to 10 sites now) and will be updated weekly if possible.

-- Jules

Buenos Tardes!

Hey everyone! I've been off the computer for a couple of days, but I just came back on to update. So yeah.

Good news: I found out that I'm in the top 3 sites for Sweeta-Than-Strawberries' S.O.T.W. Yeah! Maybe next time, I can get 1st!
If your site has a site of the week or month, let me know! I want to see how I do compared to other sites. Plus, it gives you hits!

-- Jules

Anyone else hungry?!?!

If you take a look on your left, you might notice the fact that you can only sign the comment board, and visit a couple of pages. Why? I'm redoing the 2 pages that I took down, because I don't like the layout. So they'll be up again in a couple of days.

-- Jules


Yesterday, we were hit with a torrent of rain while my family was at the mall. I was really bored, not only because I highly dislike shopping in the first place, but my little sister's best friend had to come with us, and both wanted to get matching outfits for the first day of school.
Can you spell B-O-R-E-D?!

So, anyway, sign the guestbook, and apply to be my affies!

-- Jules

Buenos Dias!

There's rain drops on the windows. That little tree in the front of my house is shaking. To you, a sign of a mere shower. To me, the sign that Tropical Storm Erin is here! And if you are a loyal reader of my mini blog, that means that HURRICANE DEAN is coming! If you don't know about this, check out [weatherbug.com] or something. We're talking about a Catagory 4 Storm by the time it hits Yucatan, and then it'll go on to the South Texas area near South Padre Island, with storms all the way up to San Antonio (where I happen to live)! So these light showers are just a sign of my ruined vacation to the Gulf!

On a lighter note, have you guys seen Laurence's new site?! I was told the URL today. If you don't who I'm talking about, check out [blueangelfish.piczo.com]. Her new site is [freewebs.com/dynamite-designs], and WOW. I love the layout; It's a FAB Keira Knightly collage. So check it out if you have time!

Thank you to everyone who signed all the sweet comments on my guestbook!

-- Jules


If you haven't noticed, I changed my usual greeting to a cry of rage, but for a good reason! You see, we were supposed to be going to South Padre Island next week with a few of my Mom's friends, but we looked at the weather today and BAM! There was a Tropical Storm [Erin] in the Gulf, and a hurricane on the way! Man, what my luck!
But we learned at TBarM camp to realise that God has a reason for everything, including hurricanes, and to find joy in bad situations. That might be a bit hard. Luckly, I have kind friends to talk to, and possibly rant to, so it won't be that bad. BE WARNED. That means you, Zach. You'll probably hear this story again next time we IM.

You know back on the 4th when I said that I was starting to use Freewebs?! Well, don't expect a new site soon. I'm still working on it. I'm trying a couple codes out, and I still want everything to be perfect! I will most likely use Piczo for a while.

Are you an affie? Unless you're my friend Elaine, the answer is NO. Do you want to be an affie? That's the big question. Sign up today, and get advertising on my homepage!

-- Jules

Magandang tanghali po ('Good Day' in Tagalog)!

I'm bored out of my wits. So yeah.
My family going school shopping later today, so that means nothing will be done. :( But the sooner i go, the sooner it'll be done! :)
I got my school ID picture taken 2 days ago. The lighting makes me look pink and sunburned. Great. But at least i'm not pasty white.

I added a Haters Guestbook, just in case. If you do want to hate, simply go to my guestbook and you'll see a place to click direstly underneath where you sign my guestbook. This is where you can hate from now on. I don't mean constructive criticism, but real hating. It's the only place in my site that I'm releasing the 'Family Friendly Ban' that I try to enforce. If you want to kindly tell me what's wrong with my site or me, you may sign the regular guestbook.
I have a couple blends done and ready to go, but I'm to lazy to upload them. Nice. I also have a few codes that i haven't added yet, and a tutorial that i need to work on. Keep an eye out for them later on.
I updated my ATM box, and added a link to add me to your favorites under 'About Me'.
As usual, remember to sign my guestbook and apply to be an affie.

-- Jules

I'm really bored. I have to unpack EVERYTHING from summer camp today. Ugh. And i also have to get ready for school, even though it starts August 27.
But afterwards, i get to make sugar cookies. Yeah!

No major updates. I deleted a couple of pages, but they were old ones that you couldn't even see anyway. If you've noticed, I put a mini little break between this collum and the one on the left. Not very big, maybe 4 pixels, but it looks better to me.

Enjoy the site! Please sign the guestbook, and apply to be an affie! ¡Adios!

-- Jules

I just got back from TBarM Camp at Travis Lake. I had an awesome time.
There's nothing new, but i'm working on a blend and planning out a new tutorial.

-- Jules

Hey everyone!
OK, so my grand opening only brought 2 people; BIG Deal! It's more than i've ever had in one day. I hope more people come later on, though.

Just to let you know [if you even care......], i'm changing the layout at we speak. I'm trying to learn CSS code, as opposed to HTML, and that will make my layout look SO much better! I think. Well, let's see how it turns out, and then i can decide between CSS and HTML.

I got NEWS! If I can work out my coding skills, I'm going to host my site on Freewebs! For you, this isn't a huge thing, but for me, this is a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT! At first, I'll still use Piczo for my homepage and main page, and use Freewebs for things like pop-ups and iframes.

Next week, starting tomorrow, i will be at summer camp at Travis Lake, TX. If you are my friend [in the real world], check your email later today for the address. I'd LOVE a letter or 2 from anyone of you!

And thank you to Zach for his support & occasional smart alleck comments, and Sweden4u for visiting my site and, without even realising it, supporting me as the first visitor to farfromtheedge!

-- Jules

OK, the layout is changed, and it looks SO much better than before! I also updated the ATM thing, added a new part of my 'Thanks A Million', and got the missing button back [as it was deleted in my photobucket account]!

Welcome to the Grand Opening! Check out all there is to do!

See the dark area exactly to the left of this? That's the Navigation Table. You can click on any of the words to direct you to a different part of the site.
Click on "Treasure Chest" to bring you to the visitor content area of the site. Please excuse the lack of content, since this is a fairly new part of the site.
Click on "Scribbles to sign the Comment Board and Guestbook, though it will soon be just the guestbook.
"Contests" is kinda self-explanatory; my page of contests. All contests are closed right now, but you can still take a look, and maybe get a head start.
Take a look at "Etcetera" for a page filled with reads, games, and jokes. [Or at least it will be after i'm done with it....]
Finally, "Site" takes you to my about the site page, that has a site history, plug board, and a page of my affies [coming soon]!

I know that the site still has LOADS of work, but it's better than before! I hope everyone likes it. It took me weeks to get it up, and i hope that it's worth every minute. Before: rare visitors [besides my friends], mediocre pages, and no tables. After: i hope for more visitors, my pages have better layout, and i'm using TABLES! [thanks to Elaine for recomendation and esa-x!]

And, for the first time ever, i have VISITOR CONTENT! Yeah! It's not much, but i have lot to go! i have a few blends, ALL made by me [yeah!], and i have my first tutorial. Though most people already know how to add HTML, but some people don't or need a reminder. Check it out under "Treasure Chest"!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at jules_farfromtheedge@yahoo.com

-- Jules
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